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Finest Black Men

Here are some sample video galleries from the all new Black gay porn site Finest Black Men.  The new ebony gay porn venue updates weekly with all original photos and videos.


New Gay Porn Sites Blog

The New Gay Porn Sites Blog started back in 2006 posting about the latest gay adult web sites to hit the Internet.  This month the blog moved to a new location with a complete redesign.  This is not a review site. Its sole purpose is to keep people informed of new gay porn sites as they come on-line.  The New Gay Porn Sites Blog now has archives going back to December of 2007, giving readers the oportunity to discover venues they may not have known about before.

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I’m excited as hell to announce I’ve been given permission to offer $1 dollar trial memberships for the unique and very popular Japanboyz Gay Asian Porn site.  This is the only site on the Internet publishing real Japanese Gay Porn, and the newer videos are filmed in HD!  All of the content is shot on location in Japan, and none of the videos or images are censored, as is so common with Japanese Porn.  If there was ever a good time to check out Japanboyz, it’s NOW!  I don’t know how long they will let me offer the one dollar trail membership, so take advantage of this exciting offer while it lasts.


This is quite possibly the hottest gay Twink on Twink action you will ever see! These cuties get right to it with a hot, passionate make out session. And wait till you see the fucking dicks that pop out of their tighty whities. DAMN! A hung 69-er follows which leads to some of the best fucking I’ve seen so far on Topping it all off is the facial cum shot that ends the video is a real showstopper.

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College Dudes in Sex Action

Here is a taste of some of the exclusive action scenes recently added at the popular gay porn web site College Dudes 24/7.  Enjoy the photo galleries!


Fabiano Vega Kitchen Jacking

Boyz Party followed Sexy, smooth Latin boy Fabiano home from class where he aimed to feed the hunger in his stomach, but ended up releasing the cum from his tight round balls. As he pulls off his shirt, Fabiano’s nipples are already hard and from the size of the bulge in his jeans, they’ve got good company.  His pants soon come off, leaving Fabiano free to stroke that hungry uncut dick on every surface of the kitchen. He worked up quit a big appetite in addition to a huge cum load and when he discovered there was nothing to make a sandwich with, Fabiano found a home made, high protein alternative to munch on.  Bone Appetite!

Fabiano Vega Kitchen Jacking

Fabiano Vega Kitchen Jacking

Fabiano Vega Kitchen Jacking

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New at Lucas Kazan is a hot fuck scene featuring Italian studs Daniele and Giuseppe.

Italian Studs Daniele and Giuseppe

Producer’s comments…

Giuseppe was flown in for an episode with Alex Orioli, but the chemistry between Giuseppe and Daniele was so tangible, I could not help pairing them up. Their impromptu scene practically directed itself, with  endless kisses, and tireless erections. If only it were this easy every time.


Randy Blue powerhouse Leo Giamani delivers one of his hottest scenes yet with a very eager Blake Riley jumping at the chance to get a major ass pounding from Leo’s giant Cock.


Randy’s comments…
It was only a matter of time before we matched up Leo Giamani with one of Randy Blue’s best known models, Blake Riley. They say you can’t please all of the people all of the time but this one comes pretty damn close. I knew that Blake would be thrilled to finally get a scene with Leo. In part because I’ve seen them interact with each other and the chemistry is amazing, but also because Blake keeps asking me when he’s going to get a chance to work with Leo. On a more selfish level, I couldn’t wait to get these two together because this is exactly the kind of video I would want to see if I where a member of Randy Blue. And finally, I had a gut feeling you guys would love seeing Blake open up his famous hungry hole for Leo’s monster Dick. And I’m guessing my hunch was right, because once word got out that I had shot this video I’ve gotten tons of responses in the RBL chat room and on the Blue is Beautiful blog asking when it was finally going up. They say good things come to those who wait, and this will surely be worth the wait. Leo is looking better than ever with his muscles on top of muscles chiseled body, and Blake seems to have mustered up every ounce of sexual energy to not only make this one of the hottest videos he’s done, but also to knock Leo Giamani right out of his gym socks. I think my favorite part was watching Leo’s amazing low hangers twirling around as he drives his giant cock right up Blake’s talented ass. Blake is anything but passive, almost sucking Leo’s entire dick into his hole and jacking it off from the inside. And their moans are almost musical as their bodies rub up against each other, their breaths mingle and their eyes meet and then close in the throws of passion. It’s nearly too much for Blake as he spews his cum load all over himself with Leo still planted deep inside his gut, and then dreamily accepts Leo’s spunk as it washes over him.


SD Boy, the official site for video production house San Diego Boy, Has just released these sample trailers. The relatively new site features younger 18-30 year old military, Latin and college boys in solo, duo and group action scenes. And don’t forget to check out their official blog, Cock Squeeze.

Click here to download the full video!

Click here to download the full video!


College Boy Physicals

The popular reality gay porn site College Boy Physicals has just released some new sample photo and video galleries.  As you will see, there’s nothing else out there quite like College Boy Physicals.


This week’s feature at the popular Cocky Boys includes two new faces – Aden and Blake.  The two dive right into gay porn with a full blown hardcore action shoot.  Nothing like jumping in with both feet…right?

Producer’s comments…

It’s time for some new meat in the house. Aden and Blake came to me as a pair. They were eager to break into the world of online gay porn and wanted to do a scene with each other. Who am I to refuse such a request? They start off making out and groping each other’s dicks. Then Aden gets down onto his knees to lick up Blake’s dick until it’s nice and hard. Next Blake returns the favor by laying down on the dinner table to give Aden a nice deep cock sucking. I was wondering who the bottom in this duo was gonna be. Well, they quickly answered that question when Blake bent himself over the table so Aden could give his hole a good rimming. It isn’t long before Aden slides on a condom and starts fucking Blake on the dining room table. Blake is hard as a rock as he grips onto the table while Aden gives it to him. Blake flips over so he can lay on his back and really enjoy the ride while Aden fucks him. Aden keeps making Blake tell him how much he loves his big dick while he plows him. It isn’t long before Blake shoots a big cum load all over himself. Then Aden pulls out and cums all over Blake’s now soaked chest.


In this exclusive Male Perfection video Pat Bateman sits down and strokes himself while watching porn. Gradually, he tears himself out of his clothes before lubing up and stroking his huge dick. Pat is into watching women getting fucked by black guys, so that’s what you’ll see playing on the monitor, as he’s jacking off.

Producer’s comments…
Out of the blue Pat Bateman asked if he could be featured on the site. Pat is extremely outgoing and personable, so I thought he would be a good fit. Although Pat is not as deeply cut as the other guys, his body type is a welcome addition. He’s muscular and meaty, in every sense of the words. When Pat arrived for the shoot, he down played his previous experience while talking with videographer John. I’m not sure why, because Pat made quite a name for himself in the gay 4 pay market during 2008. So whether you’re a fan, or this is your first introduction, Pat is on the fast track to being a name in the adult industry.

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Free Gay Streams Blog

If you haven’t discovered it yet, the Free Gay Streams Blog is a little over a year old, and full of gay porn video trailers from some of the best web sites on the Net.  The blog also catalogs sites with one dollar trials, and package deals where members get access to multiple sites for the price of one.  In these tough economic times, both are a valuable resource for those wanting to get the most porn for their money.  On average, this blog is updating twice a week, about every 3 days.

Here’s a double shot of High Octane European gay porn action, brought to you by the guys at Pistol Media.

Nick and Rogerio

Rod & Fred

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Gay Asian Twinkz

Gay Asian Twinkz launched this week, jam packed with exclusive, original photos and videos.  This new gay Asian porn site features many models that have never been seen on the net before. Gay Asian Twinkz has also secured exclusive rights to publish photos and videos produced by Thai Twinks, and is the only membership site to feature their content. Membership also includes bonus access to their new Laughing Asians foot and tickling fetish site.  Between the two sites, members enjoy updates 7 days a week!  Check out these sample video galleries…

Video Gallery 1
Video Gallery 2
Video Gallery 3

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Here are a couple of sample trailers from the uber popular Hairy Boyz gay porn web site. Enjoy!

Luke & RJ

Michael & Peter

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