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The Official HDK Porn Blog The HDK Network announced today the launch of their new HDK Porn Blog. The new blog is updated 6 times a week and features flash video and photo content from all of the sites in the hardcore gay porn Network. The new blog also includes galleries of HDK’s top stars. If you are a fan of Hot Desert Knights, the new HDK Porn Blog is a must see.

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The latest at Lucas Kazan are these two straight boys doing some gay for pay porn. Lovely…aren’t they?

Straight Boys Mark and Samuel

Producer’s comments…

Mark speaks no English, Samuel just a few words. Both have bodies to die for, both identify themselves as straight. Yet, they hardly needed directions: Mark took it like a pro and Samuel mischievously enjoyed drilling his pal. We won’t tell their girlfriends.

PerfectGuyz Zander

Wrestlers are a special breed. They tend, by their nature and training, to be strong willed and gifted athletes; masters of strength and quickness lending skill to overpower opponents on the mat. Zander is straight, 21 years old, 5′ 8″ and weighs in at 150lbs with boyish good looks. In high school he was on the wrestling and football teams. He quickly developed his own cheering section as he gained popularity. I suspect that most of the girls (and a few guys) were cheering his rippling muscles and the prominent bulge in his wrestling tights, as well as his wrestling ability.

PerfectGuyz Zander

Producer’s comments…

Indeed, Zander is powerfully built and deadly handsome. We couldn’t tear ourselves away from Zander as he began to strip Naked. His budge was large and seemed to over-fill his boxer briefs. As the boxers dropped to his feet, he revealed his tight muscular butt and a thick cock with a nice growth of jet black pubic hair. He started playing with the little hairs that trail downward; He gripped his Cock and started to pump it. He went to his knees, and then on his back, changing positions as he pumped vigorously. Finally, with his body seething in ecstasy, he started to Cum! Zander shot a generous load – spurt after spurt drenched his pecs and abs.

PerfectGuyz Zander

Enjoy Zander in his premier exclusive PerfectGuyz presentation.

RSS Logo I’ve just added Porn Feeds to the menu at top of page. This takes you to a new page I’ve created that links to free gay porn RSS feeds. The feeds contain the latest free sample video trailers put out by each gay porn membership site, and are representative of the content you will find inside their member area.

Some web browsers allow you to subscribe to the feeds directly, or you can use one of several free on-line services that will manage your subscriptions and notify you by Email when a feed updates with something new. There are also dozens of software packages, some free, you can install on your computer for managing feed subscriptions.

This is a great new way to get free gay porn delivered right to your desk top. As I discover more of these feeds I’ll add them to the list.

The latest amateur video submission at You Love Jack is from young hairy bottom boy Kerry Douglas. I do think it’s a bit of a stretch to call Kerry a Twink. In my book Twinks have a smooth body. In any case, if you like watching furry young guys sticking fingers and dildos up their ass this one should hit your hot button.

Kerry Douglas

Producer’s comments…

One of the first things I asked Kerry was whether he was a top or a bottom. He paused, then replied, “I’m versatile.” “So… you’re a bottom”, I quipped. “Ya.” And is he ever! This hairy little twink can’t wait to stuff one, two and then three fingers up his ass before going to town with one of our special purple jelly dildos! I guess when he says “versatile” he means “fuck me!”

Cocky Boys

Earlier this year Cocky Boys announced they had successfully signed Brodie Sinclair as a web exclusive, and that he would be bottoming for the first time. As promised, Brody Sinclair’s first ever bottoming scene will appear on Cocky Boys exclusively today. The scene doesn’t disappoint. Brody get’s fucked by straight stud RC Ryan.

Brodie Sinclair and RC Ryan

Sinclair, a straight porn star in the gay porn industry, was topped by another straight professional fighter and all around stud RC Ryan. “It was intense…in a good way. RC is physically a lot like myself so it was intimidating at first, but it was hotter than I ever expected,” says Sinclair. RC Ryan said, “I fucked him good and he took it like a champ. It was fun fucking him because we are similar and knowing that he had never bottomed before made it that much hotter for me.”

This is a fantasy scene for anyone into straight guys, they both have very masculine personas and seeing Brody get fucked by another fighter like himself is just too much to handle.

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Cude Dude

While Cude Dude is best known for its gay porn links directory, its actually more of a free gay porn portal. In addition to its links directory, the Cute Dude front door points visitors to a variety of gay adult entertainment options. Guests can easily jump to live gay web cams, 11 different specialty gay porn blogs, and the hot new Monster Tube free video console. Now gay porn consumers can enjoy the convenience of a newly added RSS feed that pulls text summaries of the latest 10 posts at On Gay Porn and Gay Porn Today. Its a great way to stay informed of what’s new at these two veteran gay porn blogs. Just click on the titles to get the full article, photos and/or video of each post.

The addition of the RSS feeds is one more step in the evolution of Cute Dude, your one-stop-shop for the best gay porn on the Internet.

Here is the latest from Italian gay porn producer Lucas Kazan.

Producer’s comments…

Bruno has star written all over him. Tall, muscular, a tireless erection and seductive eyes, Bruno is your quintessential narcissist. But also a graduate student, working two jobs to pay for his studies. He’s been in a relationship for three years now: who’s the lucky boyfriend?

Brought to you by the producers of Big Cock Society, the all new Big Cock Desires is jam packed with gay and straight big dick men. The new site is updated weekly with high quality photos and videos of well hung men in both solo and action scenes. Check out these free sample photo galleries for a taste of what’s inside.

The latest from Randy Blue is this hot solo jack off scene with newcomer Ethan Parker. Its the classic waking up and taking a shower theme, something I never get tired of when the guy is as gorgeous as Ethan.

Ethan Parker

Randy’s comments…

Ethan Parker was an unusual find. Typically a guy will start modeling and then eventually tell some friends. In Ethan’s case his friends were all about him getting in touch with me to come in for a shoot. He’s really into gymnastics and has the most amazing body. Tight, with lots of muscles, yet still relatively trim. It’s the perfect mixture of size and shape. I can just picture him spinning around on the rings, flying through the air with his gorgeous biceps flexing, sweat beading on his smooth skin, that look of sexy determination on his adorable face. I think it was this mental image that made me want to see him soaking wet in a nice hot shower. Plus, I know some of you have a fetish for wet guys, so this is especially for you. There’s just something really hot and voyeuristic about watching a sexy guy during the most private of times, soaping his incredible body, arms flexing with the movement, running his hands down h is slippery legs, around his tight little waist, sliding over his perfectly formed ass. Finally ending up on his magnificent cock, using the soap as a lube, he brings it to full attention. You can almost feel yourself in there with him, the steam heat so intense you’re not sure if you’re sweating or if it’s just the shower, with it’s hot water rolling down your body, your hand stroking your hard manhood, aching for release. Just you and Ethan, alone in the shower. Who will cum first?

Ethan Parker
Straight Boy Jeff

Muscular Straight Boy Jeff has been performing live shows on his web cam for 8 years. During that time he’s received a Cybersocket award for best amateur web cam site and built up a large following of loyal fans. He has also kept copies of his shows, and now has what may very well be the largest archive of amateur web cam shows on the Internet.

Straight Boy Jeff

Twice weekly live shows and a massive archive make for a package that’s hard to resist. And now he has a completely redesigned guest area that does a much better job of showing visitors what his site has to offer. If you like the real deal, Jeff’s STR8cam site is worth a look!

Last January Carlo Masi and Adam Champ issued a press release announcing they had cut ties with COLT Studio Group. According to Masi, their decision to leave COLT was driven mostly by money and a desire to have more control over their image. Masi went on to say, “The close and trusting relationship between ourselves and some of the key members of the COLT staff had unfortunately lessened over time.”

Carlo Masi and Adam Champ

In an announcement made this week, both Carlo Masi and Adam Champ have renewed their contracts with COLT Studio Group. Carlo and Adam will continue their partnered COLT fan websites along with a multi-scene/multi-year contract in front of the iconic studio’s lenses. Carlo has been with COLT since his first feature BIG N’ PLENTY (2004) where he appeared in a scene with COLT legend Karim. In this new arrangement Carlo has been christened “COLT Man Emeritus” for his long history and full body of work along with his continued contribution to the COLT brand. Adam’s first appearance was with fellow COLT Man Chris Wide in the COLT feature Naked Muscles: The New Breed (2007). He has a new COLT feature entitled MASSIVE due out this summer.

“The COLT name is synonymous with producing the highest quality products with the world’s most iconic men,” says President and Creative Director John Rutherford. “Carlo and Adam most certainly fit the bill, so to speak. They will continue to be a part of a long line of COLT Men. COLT has become the four letter word for quality and we’re very proud to have Carlo and Adam continue on with us into the future.”

Carlo Masi and Adam Champ

COLT Men Carlo Masi and Adam Champ’s body of work so far for COLT Studio Group is:

  • BIG N’ PLENTY (Carlo)
  • WIDE STROKES (Carlo)
  • Man Country (Carlo)
  • Waterbucks 2 (Carlo and Adam)
  • MUSCLE Up! (Carlo)
  • Naked Muscles: The New Breed (Carlo and Adam)
  • DUAL: Taking it Like a Man (Carlo and Adam)
  • HAWAI’I (Carlo and Adam)
  • COUPLES III (Adam)
  • COLT Minute Man Solo Series 23 (Carlo)
  • COLT Minute Man Solo Series, BUILT (Adam)
  • eXposed: The Making of a Legend Director’s Cut (Carlo)
  • COLT Calendars. Magazines, Note cards and Playing Cards (Carlo and Adam)
  • COLT 40 Collector’s Book (Carlo and Adam)
  • Look for both he Carlo Masi and Adam Champ Genuine-Cast Supercocks molded from their erect penises due out later this year!