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Nineteen year old Ricardo is the latest addition to This straight Latino skater boy is five foot ten inches, 150 pounds and sports a seven inch uncut cock.


Miami Boyz asked Ricardo about his broken arm…

So what happened to your arm and most importantly hope you are left handed!

I was skating and showing off for this girl that I wanted to fuck for a long time…she smiled and I missed the ramp but it turned out ok…I mean, I broke my arm but a couple of weeks later when I saw her again, she felt sorry for me and finally sucked my cock…the slut swallowed which rocked since I couldn’t jack off!

So I guess you are NOT left handed?

No man, I am right handed but I have learned to jack off with my left hand…I mean, it took me awhile to get the rhythm right but when you want to bust your nut you do what you have to do dude!

See Ricardo, and all the hot Latino guys at

Falcon Studios
Falcon Studios just released a few video and picture galleries. I thought you might enjoy the free eye candy.

Falcon Movie Galleries:

FalconTV Live Sex Shows
From Top To Bottom & The Velvet Mafia
Quarterback Sack & Longshot
Rammer & Manhole

Falcon Photo Galleries:

FalconTV Live Sex Show
Falcon Exclusive Matthew Rush
Falcon Exclusive Roman Heart
Falcon Exclusive Erik Rhodes announced today they have added Glory Holes of San Francisco DVD to their growing collection.

Glory Holes of San Francisco box cover

Following on the heels of her shocking expose, “Glory Holes of LA,” sexpert Gloria Hole trots off to San Francisco to compare the anonymous sexual antics of the horny “boys by the Bay.” Not to be out done by L.A.’s back-room scene, San Francisco turns out to have its own, even raunchier denizens of the dark, who do not disappoint.

Never one to miss a single minute of hot action, Gloria Hole immediately hops a cable car, headed for downtown San Francisco, to begin her erotic explorations. First stop, glory hole heaven: two hot, nasty boys, Marcus Iron and Vince Bandero, wildly rimming and sucking each other. This, however, is just the appetizer on their way to the main course, Vince fucking Marcus like mad, ’til both shoot their big loads, for dessert. Next, Gloria finds some secluded bushes, close to the famous Golden Gate Bridge, where studly Mike Nichols shows off his huge cock, banging the hell out of gorgeous (and grateful) Blake Harper. Alcatraz is the next stop on this cum-filled sexual journey, as newcomer sex pig, Ace Dickson, blows five giant cocks, one after the other, ending with his face drenched in steamy, creamy loads.

Moving on to the Nob Hill Theatre, tireless oral expert, Lex Kyler, is munching hungrily on a tasty assortment of man meat at the dick buffet. His oral fixation satisfied, Lex next eyes the beautiful buns of African-American newcomer, Malleek, and proceeds to rim and fuck him silly. The San Francisco finale takes place in the infamous Castro district, where sexy veteran Sky Thompson services an army of giant dick, that is until handsome hunk, Jason Branch, offers Thompson one of his own, right up the ass! As Gloria Hole discovers the “hard” way, L.A. and San Francisco may be rival cities, but they sure have one thing in common, lots of sex-starved men who get off on kinky, anonymous public sex. The Glory Holes series from Oh Man! Studios is, indeed, a must-have for any serious adult video collector.

Adam Gay Guide 2000: “One Of The Hottest Films Of The Year”

Ace Dickson, Blake Harper, Gloria Hole, Jason Branch, Lex Kyler, Marcus Iron, Mike Nichols, Sky Thompson, Vince Bandero

Free video samples from Glory Holes of San Francisco:

Gallery #1
Gallery #2
Gallery #3
Gallery #4
Gallery #5

All DVDs are cut up into easily downloaded scenes in three different formats (128k for modem users, 512k and 1024k for broadband users). 1024k is as good as DVD! Whether you choose to stream your favorite DVD for instant gratification or download and save the file to your hard disk for viewing later or burn your own XXX DVD collection, its all possible with

With the mass return of hot guys to the college campuses this Fall PerfectGuyz discovered one stunning little Frat Boy. Cage has crystal blue eyes, sandy blonde hair, a fine buttt, and a pretty cock.


Cage is originally from Northern California but enjoys the school year in the warmer, southern half of the state where he attends his third year in college and sharpens his surfing skills. PerfectGuyz caught up with Cage at his frat house on a lazy Sunday afternoon when most of the guys were out and about. Cage has a quiet intensity about him. At the young age of 20, he is very mature and highly confident. In that respect, Cage is unlike most college guys. At first glace, he seems very innocent and unassuming – almost blushing at times. In fact, Cage is becoming tacitly aware of his sexual prowess and is discovering the rites of passage to manhood.


Name: Cage
Age: 20
Zodiac: Aries
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 145lb
Waist: 30″
Chest: 36″
Shoe Size: 11
Cock: 7 1/2″ uncut
Physique: Athletic

Enjoy Cage in this special PerfectGuyz presentation.

Just Us Boys tends to publish a wide range of types – a little something for everyone. So I’m not always excited by some of their models. But I must admit a weakness for that young bad boy look.

Ruthless Angel

This is what JUB has to say about Ruthless Angel…

Angel is the first in a series of hot guys that we shot in Phoenix, Arizona while attending a conference for Gay Webmasters. We rented a house up in Scottsdale and had 6 beautiful men come over to jack off on camera for us. Angel who comes from Minnesota is up first. He’s really is straight, but he is definitely curious as you can see when he flirts with the camera at the beginning of the interview. This blond skater loves racing motorcycles and being an exhibitionist. Off camera before the shoot we asked him what he thinks of to make himself cum and he said that its when he starts thinking about all you guys watching him that he gets horned up enough to shoot. He’s going to love seeing this video up on the site and believe me, he’ll get off knowing that all you guys are getting off with him.

Ruthless Angel

Buzz West, owner and photographer for, talks about his latest discovery Dusty.


Dusty is half Korean, and half German. He grabs his huge dick and jokes that “this comes from the German side”. He’s another one of those guys that didn’t realize what a big dick he had until he was in high school showering with the other guys after gym. His dick is over 6″ soft! He twirls it around, and I’d swear he was going to take off.

All right, so get this. Halloween is coming up, and we were joking around. He bends forward and takes a little suck of his dick, and leans back. I was speechless! I didn’t know what to say. He asked how I liked that trick, or something like that. I said, “Was that a trick or treat?” I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I’ve seen it in other movies, and I knew he had a big dick, but I’ve never had someone surprise me like that.

I’ve already invited him to do another self suck show, and I’m going to have him really show off! He kept joking about the “next episode”, and now I realize it’s because of his special talent. Don’t miss a minute of this one. I was so fascinated by his big dick I couldn’t stop taking pictures!

Here are the vitals. He is 5’7″ tall, about 150 lbs., size 9 shoe to match the 9er in his pants. I didn’t measure, I’m just guessing at this point, but it’s really big! Enjoy this one over and over…I am!


COLT Studio Group has announced the signing of their newest COLT Man – Antton Harri. Antton has signed a mutual partnership agreement to join the world’s pinnacle of men – The COLT Stable.

Antton Harri

The studio reports even though Antton has completed two Buckshot movies this year, they felt he had the qualities to crossover as a COLT Man. Antton embodies everything that a COLT Man represents; an abundance of muscle, strong, rugged masculinity, and a brooding sexuality that only COLT Men know how to give to the camera and ultimately the fans.

John Rutherford, president, COLT Studio Group said, “I first met Antton in Berlin at the annual Venus Show a few years back. I spotted him from across the room and quickly pulled out my card to make my introduction. At first his masculine and cute good looks caught my eye, but after speaking to him I knew that he encompassed the attitude of confidence and strength to be a COLT Man.” “I couldn’t be happier and more proud to have him as a very important part of our COLT family,” Rutherford continued.

Antton Harri got his start at COLT Studio Group in April when he signed on to award-winning director Kristofer Weston’s 2-part feature Manley Heat; Scorched and Quenched. Antton appeared in Part 1, Scorched and tore up the screen with superstar Josh Weston. Director Weston was so impressed that he offered him the lead in his next Buckshot feature Muscle Ranch 2 (Scheduled for release early 2007).

Visit COLT Man Antton Harri’s personal website at Also, Antton can now be booked for appearances along with the rest of our COLT Men at

Spunk Toons is the latest gay adult cartoon site to hit the virtual streets.

Spunk Toons

The new site is packed with flash movie animations, streaming gay toon movies, and 1000’s of high-quality gay anime art images. At least some of the content here is exclusive, and they update the site 16 times a month. Members also get free access to Asian Guys, a well established porn site with photos and streaming videos.

If you are into cartoon porn, Spunk Toons is worth checking out.

Troys Top is a mostly gay (some bisexual content) venue, featuring host Troy, who delves into sexy subject matter relevant to gay and bisexual males, which the characters then perform. The episodes, such as “How to jack off with a banana”, have all exclusive content, offering a uniquely different experience.

Gallery 1
Gallery 2
Gallery 3
Gallery 4
Gallery 5

Falcon Studios announced this week the signing of two new exclusives to their stable of young, sexually iconic men. Both Cort Donovan and Ashton Starr will debut in the Chris Steele directed film, “Dripping Wet” (FVP170), to be released on November 27th. Cort and Ashton will also appear in a special Falcon TV (‘The Boys of Dripping Wet‘) on Wednesday, October 25th.

Cort Donovan

Cort Donovan currently resides in Chicago where he is a full-time student due to receive his BA this January. This is Donovan’s first foray into the adult industry. He comments, “When I first started thinking about sending my pictures out Falcon was the only studio I thought of. I had jerked off to Erik Rhodes and Roman Heart SO many times that I just had to try and work with them!” He stands 5′ 10″, weighs 160 lbs. and is an impressive 8.5″ top.

Ashton Star

Ashton Star currently resides in New York where he is a full-time culinary student specializing in baking and pastry arts. This is also his first foray into the adult industry. He added, “When Chris Steele offered me my contract I thought he was teasing me. I really couldn’t believe I was going to be an Exclusive on par with guys like Roman Heart and Matthew Rush!” Ashton stands 5′ 8″, weighs 160 lbs. and possesses an ass that will soon be the talk of the industry.

Chris Steele, Falcon’s Senior Director of Production and Editing, commented on the signings, “Cort and Ashton have that fresh and exciting sexual energy that Falcon is known for finding. I am incredibly excited for our customers to experience the beauty of Ashton’s ass and the power of Cort’s cock. These two boys each possess a gift and they’re ready to share them!”

San Francisco based Raging Stallion Studios today announced that it has completed a six-month long conversion to High Definition videography. The studio, one of the leaders in all-male erotic entertainment, first began filming movies in the full High Def (HD) earlier this year. Recently the company purchased its second HD camera and completed the conversion of its extensive editing systems to accommodate the new HD format. Raging Stallion is the first major gay-focused studio to make this conversion. As of October 1 the studio has filmed 14 movies entirely in HD, the most significant of which is Lords of the Jungle, an extravagant feature slotted for a December 1 release date.

“We have long been the technology leader in our industry,” noted company president Chris Ward alluding to the studio’s early experimentation in the wide screen format (SEXASCOPE). “We made the shift in camera’s early this year and found the new format a significant improvement over the standard DVCAM format. Our intention is to film the finest quality footage in the industry and to set the bar as high as possible for both consumers and our competition. For me as a film maker the films shot in HD are simply astounding and allow me a whole new range of options in filming adult material.”

The company overcame several obstacles in the conversion, including the massive investment required to buy new cameras and editing equipment. The extreme wide-screen format also posed problems for a production team used to working in the 4:3 standard format. The HD camera’s show significantly more detail than older, outdated formats, requiring the studio to adjust lighting and set construction. The caliber of models is of critical importance, since HD vividly shows any and every skin flaw.

Although the studio has not yet released any HD films in the new Blu-Ray format, Ward made it clear that these would be coming in the next few months as soon as an audience with compatible players becomes large enough to support the investment. Meanwhile, the post production team at Raging Stallion has developed a compression process that allows standard DVDs and DVD players to take advantage of the crisp images captured on the HD cameras. In short, customers today with current DVD players are able to immediately see a higher quality image when viewing Raging Stallion products.

Ward vowed that Raging Stallion would stay at the cutting edge of new technology and remain an industry leader.

Patriot Ass
The military themed site Patriot Ass just released some fresh new porn video galleries. Here they are for your viewing enjoyment.

Movie Gallery 1
Movie Gallery 2
Movie Gallery 3
Movie Gallery 4
Movie Gallery 5